Word for 2022

PROPHETIC WORD for 2022!!! “Transition Season is OVER!!! Prepare to RUN THE RACE at the NEXT LEVEL with NEW SHOES for the NEW VISION for 2022!!! God is doing a NEW THING in NEW CREATIVE WAYS!!! The OLD WAYS of doing things wont work anymore in this NEW SEASON!!! JESUS has already spoken to YOU about the NEW VISION, the NEW LOCATION, the NEW ASSIGNMENT, and you should already be there since October 2021!!! Its a New Season for the OVERCOMERS to RISE UP and let the Lion of the tribe of Judah ROAR over the Enemies plans and be OBEDIENT to what JESUS has called us to do in these Difficult times of DARK WINTERS, PLAGUES, LOCK DOWNS, WARS, RUMORS of WARS!!! 2022 will be the BEGINNING of UNDERGROUND REVIVAL in Europe and GREAT HARVEST breaking out in Austria, Germany , Hungary, Switzerland, Europe, and the World!!! The NEW ANNOINTING, GIFTS, REVIVAL, and the NEXT WAVE that is coming in 2022 will BLOW ARE MINDS!!! Get ready to RUN the RACE and be a OVERCOMER in 2022!!!